MUERTE! 4th Anniversary Show

さて、ガレリア デ ムエルテもおかげさまで4年目を迎える事ができました。

1st : Laurent Impeduglia / 16th June ~ 28th June

2nd : Ekko / 1st ~ 16th July

3rd : Annie Aube / 22nd July ~ 6th Aug

4th : Ragnar Persson / 18th Aug ~ 3rd Sep

MUERTE! 4th Anniversary Show

Brothers and sisters, I wanna see a sea of hands out there...
I want everybody to kick up some noise, I wanna hear some revolution...
Brothers and sisters, the time has come for each and every one of you to decide whether you are going to be the problem or you are going to be the solution!
Brothers, you must choose.
It takes 4 seconds , 4 seconds of decision, 4 seconds to realize your purpose here on the planet.
It takes 4 seconds to realize that its time to move, it's time to get down with it.
Brothers, it's time to testify. And I want to know - are you ready to testify ?
Are you ready!! I give you a testimonial. THE MUERTE 4

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