Forest of Suicides group show

"Forest of Suicides"  10th - 31st August 

There is a beautiful forest in Japan that has become a place of death. 
Aokigahara Jukai is the destination for many who desire death, it is known as the "suicide forest". There is no other place like it in the world. Most people do not want to know what happens there, they don't want to see. 
In FOREST of SUICIDES we will look into the void, and touch the darkness that pulls people their to die alone.

For this exhibition curator Knüll Vøid and contributing artists Thom Smith and Nanook entered the Aokigahara Jukai to document the experience. 
They found the forest to be a place of utter isolation and the discovery of both ages old and recent human remains at various abandoned campsites profoundly influenced the works of each artist. 
The effects of this explicitly cathartic experience is readily apparent in the art displayed.

Thom Smith (usa)
Nanook (Jpn)
Knull Void (usa)

青木ヶ原樹海は、死を望む多くの人々のための目的地である、それは "自殺の森"として知られています。
世界にそのような場所はありません。 ほとんどの人はそこで何が起こるかを知りたくない、彼らを見たいと思っていません。

本展のキュレーターでアーティストのKnull Voidと参加作家のThom Smith, Nanookの3人は経験をドキュメントするために青木ヶ原樹海入りました。

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Curated by Knull Void : CV
Name: N. Justin Pogue
Artist aliases: Nüll Vøid, Knüll Vøid, ADHD NPDS, Wolf Semen, Woelvsemen, DJ Genitals, Albino Clam Rat, Vom Omit, J. Pogue, Justyn Pogue

Solo Exhibitions:
Untitled exhibition at The Business in Anacortes, Washington in August 1999 and April 2001
"Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas" at The Arrowspace in Olympia Washington, October 2002
"Necronomicum" Marcus' Martini Heaven in Seattle, January 2004
"Necronomicum 2: Vomitgasm!" The Sidecar Gallery in Seattle, March 2004

Group Exhibitions:
"Heart of Winter" at the BAU Gallery in Anchorage Alaska, January, 1999
"Inky Black" at The Business in Anacortes, October 2000
"Tales of Madness" The (old) Vera Project in Seattle, November 2002
"A-Political" 911 Media Arts in Seattle, July 2003
"Expressions Against Cruelty: a fundraiser for SHAC" The Sidecar Gallery in Seattle, September 2004 (my painting was deemed "offensive" and was removed after one week)
"Black Goat of The Wood with 1000 Young" The Tinhat in Seattle, October 2004
"Samhain Libations" at Satyricon in Portland, October 2004
"Stabbed In The Face" at Abyss in Boston, October 2004
"Pagan Solstice" at Black Walls in San Francisco California, December 2004/January 2005

Curated Exhibitions:
"ADHD Halloween" at Therme Gallery in Tokyo, October 2010

Video installations:
"Black Hex" *with Vermithrax, psrt of the "November Coming Fire" exhibition at the Crawling Chaos Artspace in Seattle, November 2003

Design works (selected):
LITNE zine 1997-1999
The Microphones 1998-2009
"Bass Drum Dream" 7" jacket - UP records 1998
"Tests" CD insert -Knw/Yr/Own records, 1999
"Window" CD tray card - YOyo records, 2000
"Lost Wisdom" CD disc label - P.W. Elverum & Sun records, 2008
-various T shirt/poster designs 1996-2000
"Milk-life" VHS box art - Milk Life Films/K Records, 2000
Fucked In Seattle 2001 Calendar, October illustration, 2000
All live show fliers for The Haunt live space between 2002-2003
Knife Hits "Strange Aeons" 7" jacket - self released, 2004
Sci-Fi Knife Fight - "Fuck The Slit In Your Throat!" Earthless records, 2004
Various fliers for Koriyama Peak Action live shows 2005-2007
Wayward Vegan Cookbook, various comics and illustrations - Wayward Press, 2009

Fancy People Adventures - P.W. Elverum & Sun 2000 - 2009
Tape/Op Magazine, 2000
Asscancer! zine, 2005